3 Signs you are actually talking Too Much on Meeting

Some people say meetings are exciting and efficient. But there is some evil in the workplace. You have the power to improve meeting by taking one small little action is staying quiet.

Do you have a great idea, or have a strong conviction? If so, you may speak up. On the other hand, if you are talking just to be considered an active person by your manager, then you have to zip your lips.

Everyone should know when they should speak up and when you should sit silently. Here are the three signs you are talking too much during the meeting.

You Repeat Your Colleague’s thoughts without Adding Anything

One of the great things is when your co-worker says something you agree with. But if you would talk the same thing in the meeting, it is a great way to annoy the rest of your colleagues. So, if you just agree, feel free to acknowledge that and then move on.

talking Too Much on Meeting

You relate the topic to your personal life

During your meeting, If you are talking about your personal life as an example to illustrate every thought, you are making easy to get off-topic. It means, probably you are oversharing.

Typically, you reserve the first few minutes for everyone to catch up

You haven’t focused other person’s thoughts, ideas feeling or rationale

If you are at the end of the conversation and you still don’t know where the other persons stand on an issue or feel about a problem, you have talked too much. If you are talking too much on the meeting, you are not learning anything new.

Your conversation breaks the 50-50 rule

Every conversation is not going to be 50-50, but if you realize you are talking more than your half of the conversation time, you will better to talking to someone else who wants to listen to you. This is because no one wants to be in a conversation with someone who dominates.

You Start Debates that have not sense

When you are trying to sort through the details of the project, but someone crashes your conversation by changing the subject completely. It is frustrating for everyone. This is because the team has two unresolved issues to get through in a less amount of time.

silently on meetings

Another person has checked out

If you are dominating the conversation, the other person has left the conversation. Sings the other person has likely checked out include:

Movement away from you

  • No eye contact
  • Orienting his body away from you
  • Use verbal cues like “okay, then” or they trying to stop your speech.

What will you do if you find that you talk too much?

  • Stop talking too much, so zip it.
  • Keep your turn short

Above-mentioned things will show you are actually talking too much on the meeting. So you have to appear like a contributor during a meeting. You have to know when you should silently on meetings. If you realize not to talk too much, you can find that your knowledge that will grow and the conversation will blossom